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Eva Marie Mitchell

Jackson, Tennessee

Phone: 612-685-1003


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I'm a small hobby breeder located in Jackson, Tennessee.

I support the Poodle Club of America (PCA) and strive to breed to the AKC standard. All poodles are registered AKC, although we may also play in other venues. I was named an AKC Breeder of Merit the first week of the program in October, 2010.

We also support the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC which uses the parent club (PCA) guidelines to determine which dogs can be certified with CHIC ratings. A CHIC rating tells you the dog completed ALL of the testing which the parent club has suggested for that breed. It does not indicate that the dog passed the tests, only that the tests were done.

I'm a member of the following Dog Clubs and have served at various times as Board Member. and as Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Newsletter editor, Web manager, Committee chairman, Show chairman, and Show secretary. I believe in giving back to the breed that has given so much to me.

  • Twin Cities Poodle Club, Inc
  • Great Lakes Poodle Club of Chicago
  • Michiana Kennel Club Inc
  • St Joe Valley Agility Club Inc
  • Echo Dog Training Club Inc
  • Versatility in Poodles Inc

I am the publisher of the toy and miniature poodle database sold at PCA for the benefit of the PCA Canine Health Foundation. You can use the database online to research your pedigrees.

Dreem began as a dream for me. The goal was to own, show, and possibly produce some of the best
quality miniatures and toys in the United States. I rate quality on

  • health
  • conformation to the AKC standard as set by the Poodle Club of America
  • type
  • soundness
  • temperament no particular order.

It takes ALL of these to make a quality poodle a quality poodle

In 2007, the 13th home bred champion was finished and the first finished champion to be from the bred-by-exhibitor class. (I have 22 home bred champions today plus numerous others that we’ve finished as champions or whom have earned performance titles) The decision was made to register a kennel name to use for all future puppies. Dream is not a name which can be registered (and I knew that from the beginning) However, AKC has accepted Dreem ® for full registration.

The name has changed, the players haven't. Poodles for which testing can be verified are:

The Toys:
Am CH Dreem Klasyk Knick Knack Paddywack BN RA CD CGC (CHIC#96412)
Dreem Marlis Only Imagine (CHIC pending)
Am Ch Lorwin’s Look’n Good at Wiladon (CHIC #92853)
Am GRCH CH Dreem Klasyk Imagine That!!! (CHIC #77386) in England
Am CH Grayco Loves To Dreem (CHIC #58478) in England
Am CH Dreem Klasyk Back To Pickets (CHIC #62548) deceased
Am U-GR CH Dream Pickets Double Delight (CHIC #42723) retired in pet home
Am CH Dream Pickets Sailor's Delight (CHIC #43475) retired in pet home
AM Ch Dream Class Tennessee Waltz (CHIC #52084) retired in pet home
U-CH Grayco Repeating Dreams (CHIC #43474) retired in pet home
Am/U-Ch Dream Pickets Double Class RN CGC (CHIC #33454) retired in pet home
Am Can U-GRCH Pickets Fetchin A Dream RE CGC (CHIC #16445) retired in pet home
Am U-GRCH Pickets Delight To Dream (CHIC #23627) in England, retired in pet home
Pickets Willing To Dream (CHIC #20869) retired in pet home
Am Ch Pickets American Dream (CHIC #16447) retired in pet home
U-CH Pickets Willing To Dream, retired in pet home
U-CH Silkwind Pickets Only Dream RN (CHIC #23613) retired in pet home
Dream Simply Scandalous RN, retired in pet home
UCH Dream Simply Irish Blessing RN CD (CHIC #32179) retired in pet home
Am Can Intl CH Grayco Dreams Do Come True CGC (CHIC #15053) deceased
Dreem Klasyk All-American Hero (CHIC #58476) deceased
Dream One Singular Sensation (CHIC #15050) retired in pet home

The Minis:
AM CH Dreem Klasyk Peter the Rock (owned by Jon and Sondra Walker)
UCH URO1 Dreem Klasyk Paxton By Design CD RE CGC (owned by Donna Loose)
Am CH.UCH Dreem Klasyk Nothin’ Like It NAJ (CHIC #98813) owned by Carol Srnka
UCH Dreem Klasyk Glad You’re Mine CGC (CHIC #96415)
Dreem Klasyk Glad Heart TDI (CHIC pending) owned by Sabina Hower
Dreem Klasyk Miss Q (CHIC #96411) owned by Charlene Brown
Am CH Klasyk Dreem Hearts ‘N Diamonds CGC (CHIC pending) at Klasyk
Am CH Klasyk Dreem from Maestoso CGC (CHIC# 63824) at Klasyk
Am Ch/ UCH Dreem Klasyk Freedom Rings BN RN CGC (CHIC #59842)
Am CH Dream Class Faith Spans Eternity (CHIC #52820) retired in pet home
Am/U-CH Pickets Dream Designer RN (CHIC #35609) retired in pet home
Am U-GRCH URO-1 Dream Faith In Freedom BN CD RE CGC VIP-VCX (CHIC #15052)
Am U-GRCH Dream Simply Designer Class CD RE CGC VIP-VCX (CHIC #36365) at Klasyk® Poodles
Am CH Dream Simply Designer Label RN CGC (CHIC #52067) retired in pet home
Dream Simply Kamann’s Design (CHIC #37667) retired in pet home
Am CH Dream Class Moonlight Sonata CGC (CHIC #56849) retired at Klasyk® Poodles
Am U-CH Dream Legend Truly In Deed CGC (CHIC #17241) retired in pet home
Am CH Dream Legend Friends In Deed (CHIC #17258) retired in pet home
Am CH Dream Hope For Epris (CHIC 15051) retired in pet home
Am U CH Dream Simply Designer Label RN, retired in pet home
Am U-GRCH Dream Pickets Go Get It (CHIC #22155) retired in pet home
Am Can Int CH Tanzen Muffin's Dream TP (CHIC #14583) retired in pet home
Am CH Designer's Jelly Bean (CHIC #22157) retired in pet home
Dream Pickets Go Find It CD RAE, in performance home
UCH Dreem Klasyk Cause For Kindness (CHIC #73067) in pet home

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